ArTiesTenToer 2nd

Beeldende Kunst” at Tervuren, a village at the fringe of Brussels that call CNJT their home. The tourist office Tervuren did invite artists to contribute to the ArTiesTenToer 2014. From May 29 to June 1st artists did receive the opportunity to display their creations at shops, flats, hotels and the limited number of galleries. Thus, arty visitors receive the opportunity for een prettige kunstwandeling through the municipality of Tervuren. I had prepared a number of paintings and exhibited them at CN’s speelgood- knutselwinkel Lokilino. The shop including the backyard was converted into a provisional gallery. On the whole four exhibition days and some 200 registered visitors did show their interest in my fine arts and the artist behind. My paintings are large, colourful and checkered in format. Many a visitor observed the need for a large living room in order to accommodate one of my paintings. However, this is only a statement concerning any of my sales prospects; besides I’m not cheap jack. As each visitor spent a one-minute hopefully admiring glance at my paintings they received more attention as ever before. This is the actual and encouraging payoff that strengthens my intention to participate in next years ArTiesTenToer at Tervuren.

I’ll express my cordial thanks to CN for their friendly support during the ArTiesTenToer. A couple of my paintings continue to be on offer at Lokilino; in case of interest please visit the place.

kART at LOKILINO’s by Kurt H. Schiebold